We are your compass
to your data driven actions

We are the makers of Keshif, the fastest way to create interactive visualizations and dashboards for rapid data exploration.

We also know your data-journey is more than exploring your data. To achieve impact on your business problem or your organizational mission, you need expertise and guidance, from planning, data collection, cleaning, preparation, to execution for a target audience, distilling key results, and training to boost your team for a data-driven organization. Systematically solving all pieces is complex, yet crucial for success.

That’s why we are here! We can help you advance your mission, and realize the potential of your data by providing you with the next-generation solutions, services, and strategies.

Our distilled approach
  • We focus on the tangible value of data, not purely on individual numbers, charts, or aesthetics.
  • We approach problems using best practices in human-centered design, curiosity-driven science, robust engineering, creative communication, and thoughtful collaboration.
  • We recognize and communicate the subtle, yet important, details, and inspire better informed actions.
  • We focus on agile, quick, and efficient solutions for rapidly changing environments.
  • We remove distractions off your way, increase your capabilities, and help you speak to your data intuitively, so you can explore, identify, and solve problems as quickly as possible.
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